A Little Bit of Burlap

I originally had plans to work outside all weekend.  I checked the weather Monday on my lunch break and they were only calling for about a 30% chance of rain early on Saturday with sunshine to follow the rest of the weekend and temps in the high 60s to mid 70s.  I thought that was perfect!  I wanted to work on my flower beds and garden and start prepping them for planting in a few weeks, and I figured the little rain Saturday morning would help soften up the soil just enough so I could till it.  Instead we got icky rain ALL DAY Saturday and chilly chilly temps.

The cold and rainy view from my craft room.

The cold and rainy view from my craft room.  Must keep telling myself, April showers bring May flowers…

So, determined not to let the dreary weather ruin my weekend, I decided to work on a spring/summer wreath for our front door.  I have been wanting to make a wreath for months and I decided now was the time to do it!!  I just launched the blog, and I figured this would be a fun “first official post”!  I have been scouring Pinterest for a few weeks now looking for ideas.  I knew I wanted to do burlap, but I wasn’t sure how to decorate it.  I considered doing flowers, but then I stumbled upon this pin and I thought it was perfect (and the MR approved, yay!)!  I had picked up my supplies earlier in the week and so I was ready to go!  For this project I used: an 18″ wire wreath form (I originally bought a 12″, way too small, so I went back and got a 24″, way too big, this might be starting to sound familiar, can we say Goldilocks!), two 30′ rolls of 6″ burlap ribbon, some 2.25″ white satin ribbon and some floral wire.


The materials used (less the white satin ribbon and the second roll of burlap I ended up needing)!

I did a little more research on Pinterest for directions on how to make the wreaths since my inspiration was just a picture, and I found two options: option one which used the wire base, and option two that didn’t.  Obviously I went with option one!

To start, you want to weave the burlap ribbon through the wires.  I started by weaving under the outermost wire first and then over, under and so fourth.

Step 1 - Weave burlap through the wires.

Step 1 – Weave burlap through the wires.

Once you have it weaved through, you want to flip your wire form so that you can tuck the short end back under one of the wires to secure it.  I secured mine under the second outermost wire.

Step 2 - Flip the wire frame over and tuck the short end of the burlap under a wire to secure it.

Step 2 – Flip the wire frame over and tuck the short end of the burlap under a wire to secure it.

Then bunch it up, and weave the long end back through, bunch and repeat!

Step 3 bunch

Step 3 – Bunch the burlap up.

Step 4 continue weave

Step 4 – Continue to weave back through.

Step 5 cont bunch

Step 5 – Bunch and repeat!

In the directions I was using, the crafter kept her burlap ribbon in one piece (she was working with a 15′ ribbon), but I found it was much easier to cut it down to around two or three yards and work with smaller sections at a time.   Continue weaving and bunching until you reach the end of your cut of ribbon and then turn your wreath back over to tuck the end back in the wires to secure it.

Step 6 end of strand

Step 6 – When you reach end of strand, tuck under back side of wire frame.

Step 7 tuck end

Step 7 – Tuck under wires.

Add another strand like you began the first one and continue weaving the ribbon until you have completed the entire wreath.

Step 8 start new

Step 8 – Begin another strand like you did on the first one.

Step 9 cont till finished

Step 9 – Continue until wreath is finished!!

Next up is my favorite part, the bow!!! Start by cutting a 28″ piece of burlap.

Step 10 cut bow

Step 10 – Cut 28″ of burlap for bow.

Create a tri-fold with the piece so that it now measures about 12″ and pinch into a bow shape.  Cut a piece of floral wire and push it through the pinched section of the bow and twist tie it in the back to secure.

Step 11 fold bow

Step 11 – Fold down to 12″.

Step 12 bunch bow

Step 12 – Pinch in the center to create the bow shape.

Step 13 wire bow

Step 13 – Feed a piece of floral wire through the bow to secure the shape.

Step 14 tie bow wire in back

Step 14 – Twist tie the wire in the back.

Next up is the smaller satin ribbon bow that goes behind the larger burlap bow.  Instead of making one big bow that was mostly covered and wasting all that material, I chose to create a few pieces to make a faux bow!   In order to do this I cut two 10″  and two 6″ pieces of satin ribbon and four 6″ pieces of burlap.  I used Heat-n-Bond to join the pieces together.  Simply follow the instructions on the Heat-n-Bond to apply it to the materials.

step 19 Attach to cut ribbon

Step 15 – Cut two 10″ pieces out of the satin ribbon and two 6″ pieces of burlap.

Step 26 Repeat for other part of bow

Step 16 – Cut two 6″ pieces of the burlap and the satin ribbon.

Step 20 heat n bond

Step 17 – Cut four pieces of Heat-n-Bond to use on the burlap.

Step 21 follow directions on backage

Step 18 – Follow the instructions on the Heat-n-Bond to apply the adhesive to the burlap and ribbon.

Step 22 Step 23 Step 24 Step 25

Next lay out your bow to check your placement and make sure it looks the way you want it to.

Step 28 trim points in bow

Step 19 – Lay out your pieces to determine the proper placement. (I also cut the “v”s into the lower ribbon at this point.)

Step 29 add front bow

I decided to add a white bow to the front to add a detail that stood out a little more. (The original picture called for two crossed bows like the one behind the big burlap bow, but I didn’t like how it looked.)

Finally flip the bows over and secure them from behind.  I wanted to use needle and thread, but I couldn’t find any hand sewing needles in my house, so I simply used push pins instead and it felt pretty secure so I went with it.  I did use some floral wire to affix the single white bow to the front and then tied a small piece of burlap to conceal the wire.  Finally, I used floral wire to secure the bows to the wreath.

Step 30 pin it all

Step 20 – Secure all the pieces together with push pins or needle and thread.

And that’s it!!  Now you have all the steps necessary to create a fun new burlap wreath for your front door this spring!!!



Do you have any fun projects to help brighten up your home and welcome the spring?  I’d love to hear about them!


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