Spring Cleaning Challenge

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I am so excited to announce the Spring Cleaning Challenge that I will be featuring on The Five to Niner throughout the month of March!!!  I’m not sure what excites me more, the thought of a spotless house or the fact that a Spring Cleaning Challenge can only mean one thing…spring (and more importantly, warm spring weather) is just around the corner!!! Beginning this Saturday, February 28th, and each Saturday throughout March, I will feature the next weeks tasks with tips and tricks to help you complete them.  And by the end of March, you will be left with a sparkling house, just in time to entertain for Easter!

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Spring Cleaning PDF

Be sure to follow my blog so that you don’t miss a thing and  get the weekly updates on the next weeks task.  I’m so excited to complete this with you guys, and I hope you all come along for the cleaning fun!!  I’ve included a printable PDF of the task list for the month, so go ahead and print that out and stick it on your fridge so that it’s in easy view and you can always know what’s coming up next!

Do you have any great cleaning hacks or tips?!

I’d love to hear about them in the comments, and I might even feature them in future posts as we work through the challenge!


12 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Challenge

  1. Christine, I enjoy reading daily planning spring cleaning challege. I was excited for you. I know you will do a good job. Go get them. Thanks for sharing.

    • A bathroom remodel…that sounds challenging in and of itself!!! Definitely pin this for later though, I’m sure once your through (and after taking a week or two off to rest up!), with all that construction dust it will be time to deep clean! 🙂 Happy remodeling!!! 🙂

    • It’s a necessary evil!! I can actually really enjoy it sometimes though! I’ve found if I’m angry or really upset about something it’s really therapeutic for me to scrub something until it shines!! Or…if I’m trying to procrastinate…. 🙂 Hope you’ll join in!! 🙂

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