Spring Cleaning Challenge – Week Two

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Can you believe it’s already Week Two of the Spring Cleaning Challenge!  I can’t believe how quickly that first week zipped by!  By now you should have a kitchen that sparkles and the first step of your bathroom complete!   If you’re just now joining us you can find the overall challenge here and get caught up on week one here!

Now, let’s check out what week two has in store for us!!

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Day Eight – Bathroom Toilets, Sink, Walls, Counter, and Floors

I know, it seems like there is a lot for today, but that’s why I made sure it was scheduled for a weekend!  And it will really zip by!   I like using Bar Keepers Friend in my toilets every few months, it really helps break down any hard water stains on the toilet bowl.  Be sure to unclog any slow drains while you’re cleaning the sink.  The culprit in my house (and I have no one to blame but myself) is hair!  I’ve found the easiest way to clean that out is to take the drain stop out and use an old wire hanger to reach down in there and pull it out!  (It’s a little gross, but it makes a world of difference!)

Day Nine – Under Sink Organization

Like under the kitchen sink, this area can get out of hand pretty quickly.  Time to pull everything out.  Toss old, unwanted/unused or expired medicines and toiletries.  Grab some bins to help wrangle everything you want to keep and get it organized!

Day Ten – Bedroom Furniture, Blinds and Curtains

Bathrooms are done!!!  Today we’re moving on to the Bedroom and tackling the furniture, blinds and curtains.  I have found the best and quickest way to dust is using a slightly damp microfiber cloth.  Today go ahead and wipe down all the bedroom furniture and blinds.  And while you’re at it, run those curtains through the laundry if your able, or drop them off at the dry cleaners to get them freshened up!

Day Eleven – Closets

I’m not going to lie, I really think this is my favorite day!!!  Time to clean out and organize those closets!  No matter how hard we try, stuff always ends up on the floor, the stacks on the shelves get out of hand and messy, and it just makes a closet something you don’t even want to mess with.  So pull everything out, purge some things and donate to charity and put everything back with a place and purpose.

Day Twelve – Bedroom Junk Drawers

We all have them!  They’re typically found in our night stands…but it’s time to clean them out.  Dump everything out on the floor and go through it.  I would bet 90% of what is in there doesn’t belong there, so it’s time to find it’s rightful place in your home!  Put all the office supplies in the office, take all that change and put it in a piggy bank and toss all those odds and ends that you don’t really need!

Day Thirteen – Vacuum Floors and Under Bed

Run a vacuum through all the bedrooms today, and pull out anything that has gotten lost under the bed!  At my house, it was a huge pile of animal toys and several odds and ends socks that they drug under there!  If you really want to take it the extra step, sprinkle some baking soda on the carpets and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour and then vacuum it all up!  It will help freshen up the carpets and pull odors out!

Day Fourteen – The Beds

Time to get those beds in tip top shape!  Pull the linens off and freshen up that mattress with a baking soda sprinkle.  After about an hour, vacuum it up and set the bed with fresh linens!  Go ahead an wash those pillows too.  I found this great idea for freshening up the pillows on Pinterest (and by now I’m sure you all know my love for cleaning with Baking Soda)!!

And that’s it! Week Two is in the books!!  At this point, you should have a shiny and clean kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms!!!  Next up we’re tackling those living areas!!


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