Spring Cleaning Challenge – Week Three

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Wow!! Where has the time gone….can you believe we’re already in Week Three of the Spring Cleaning Challenge!! We’re halfway there to a clean home!! By now your kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms should be shining bright, and this week we’ll get your living areas and office up to speed! If you’re just now joining us and want to get caught up you can find the first two weeks of the challenge here and here, and the overall challenge here!

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Day Fifteen – Living Room Chairs, Couches, Pillows

Lets freshen up that couch that takes a beating all year long!! Vacuum off the couch, be sure to remove the cushions to get those runaway kernels of popcorn and any other crumbs. Luckily for me, the MR is really good at vacuuming all the pet hair off the couches, and so he takes care of this for us about once a month. Our Dyson came with a detail attachment, and it works like a charm!!

Day Sixteen – Furniture, Blinds, Curtains

Today we’re focusing on the furniture and blinds. Just like when we were dusting in the bedrooms, grab your micro fiber cloth, get it just barely damp and go to town cleaning up all that dust!!! Go ahead and pull the curtains down and launder or dry clean them!

Day Seventeen – TV and Electronics

You may have taken care of this yesterday when dusting, but go ahead and clean up the TV and any other electronics (like your cable box and bluray player). Depending on what your TV screen is made of, you may need to be careful cleaning it. To play it safe, if you wipe down your TV screen with anything more than a CLEAN and DRY micro fiber cloth, be sure to refer to your owner’s manual to see how to safely and properly clean it! I also picked up some compressed air and took my cable box and bluray player outside and gave the vents a quick blow out!

Day Eighteen – Declutter Living Areas

Today is to pick up any odds and ends that accumulate in the living areas and either find a home for them, or toss/donate them! We have a storage ottoman in our living room downstairs, and that thing seems to be a giant junk drawer in our house! When I opened it up it had everything from nail polish to crafting scissors to spare keys and a hammer! I cleaned it out completely, and now it happily serves as storage for extra pillows and blankets!

Day Nineteen – Desk Top and Drawers

Time to tackle the office! Let’s start by cleaning up the surface of the desk and the drawers! I know my office desk ends up being a dumping ground for all our paperwork along with all other kinds of odds and ends! And since our office shares a space with our guest room, we end up shoving everything in the drawers when people come to visit!

Day Twenty – Filing

Today’s task is pretty simple…catch up on that filing and clear out what you don’t need to keep any more! I have a basket on my desk, and everything goes in it! Then I forget about it until it’s overflowing with past due filings! It’s so much easier to find what you need when it is neatly filed away!

Day Twenty One – Dust Office Furniture

Now that everything is filed away and straightened up, let’s dust the office furniture. If you have a bookshelf in your office, clean that up too. If it is overflowing with books, donate any old or unwanted ones to your local library or school!

And that’s it!!! Week Three is in the books!!! There is just over a week left before your house is left nice and spotless just in time for spring and Easter!!!


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