Spring Cleaning Challenge – Week Four

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I seriously cannot believe how fast the month of March is flying by!  We are already in week FOUR of the spring cleaning challenge, and it is our last FULL week!  We Five only consists of a few days, and then it will be April!!! So far in the Spring Cleaning Challenge we have cleaned up our Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Offices and Living Areas, now it is time to move on to all the miscellaneous cleaning projects!  If you’re just now joining the Spring Cleaning Challenge, you can find the overall challenge here, and weeks one (here), two (here) and three (here)!

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Day Twenty Two – Laundry Room

Today we are cleaning out the laundry room.  Organize the shelf/cabinet that houses all the cleaning supplies and detergents and toss any that are really old/you don’t use any more.  Take the wand on your vacuum and clean all the lint and dust out from behind your washer and dryer.  Also, give your washer a good cleaning.  I have a top loading washer, and I know that fabric softener builds up around the top of the drum and I like to clean that buildup off every couple of months.  I also like to use this method that I found on Pinterest to really deep clean my top loader as well.

Day Twenty Three – Dining Room

If you’re like us, the formal dining room doesn’t get used near as much as it should!  We’re more likely to just sit at our kitchen table to eat a meal than go into our dining room.  But dust does accumulate, and it needs a good dusting every once in a while.  Be sure to open up your china hutch if you have one and dust out everything inside!

Day Twenty Four – First Floor Baseboards

Today we are cleaning up those baseboards on the first floor.  Grab your favorite floor cleaning solution and go to town!  Once they are dry, take a clean dryer sheet to them to polish them up.  The oils on the dryer sheet also act as a barrier to dirt and dust and help to keep the baseboards from getting dirty again so quickly!

Day Twenty Five – Second Floor Baseboards

If you live in a two story house, today we’re working on the second floor baseboards.  If you only have a Ranch style house, well lucky you, you get to take the day off!!

Day Twenty Six – Linen Closet

This one can be a doozie!  Time to tackle the linen closet!  Ours seems to be a catch all for several things in our home.  Right now it houses the extra bed linens, guest room towels, beach towels, kitchen towels, luggage, some extra beauty supplies, and even my fine china is tucked in there in storage bins!  For me, the easiest way to get it looking better was to pull everything out, get rid of old and worn bed linens and towels and then put everything back in neater stacks!

Day Twenty Seven – Interior Windows

Today we are washing the windows from the interior.  Instead of using commercial cleaner for the windows. I like to use a bucket of hot water with a cup or so of white vinegar.  I use a rag and squeegee to clean them up.  They tend to streak less when I clean them this way, and you’re getting the extra bonus of using less chemicals to clean your home!

Day Twenty Eight – Exterior Windows

Yesterday we took care of the interior windows, so today we are tackling the exteriors!  I use the same concoction of hot water and vinegar.  If you will need to use a ladder to clean second floor windows, pour your cleaning solution in a spray bottle to make it easier to handle on the ladder.

And that takes care of week four!!!  Only three more days left in the Spring Cleaning Challenge and until you’re left with a sparkling and spotless home!!!


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