Spring Cleaning Challenge – Week Five

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WEEK FIVE!!!  We’re finally here, and it’s almost done.  By now your home should look be looking pretty spiffy with all the cleaning you’ve been doing all month!!!  This will be a short week to wrap up the challenge, but a good one none the less!!! If you’re just now joining the challenge, no worries, you can find the overall challenge here, and weeks one (here), two (here), three (here) and four (here)!

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Day Twenty Nine – Clean Patio and Furniture

With spring upon us, it’s time to freshen up that outdoor furniture and the patio!  My furniture out doors is made of metal, so I removed the cushions and used a soapy water to wipe it down and then I just gave it a good rinse with the water hose and let it dry before replacing the cushions.  You could probably do this with any plastic furniture you may have as well.  Wicker furniture requires a little more care, and I found these great tips on Pinterest here!  Once the furniture is all cleaned up, give the patio a good sweep!  If you really want to spiff your patio up for spring, check out these great outdoor pillows I featured on the blog last year!

Day Thirty – Car

Today can be as easy as running the car through the automatic wash!  Or, if the weather is nice and you want to get a great workout, grab some soap and a sponge and go to town cleaning up the car!  You can go the extra mile and detail the inside!! But even if you don’t detail it, be sure to at least pull all the garbage out and give it a good vacuum!

Day Thirty One – Disinfect 

Now that spring is here and flu season is hopefully behind us, grab some Clorox Wipes and go to town on all those things we touch every day without even thinking about it!  Wipe down all the doorknobs, light switches and go ahead and go back over the faucets!  Kill all those nasty germs that have been building up all winter long that could get you feeling not so well!!

And that is that!!!  We have completed the Spring Cleaning Challenge!!!  Your home should look fantastic by now, just in time to sit back and enjoy the warm spring weather!!  I’ll be sharing my weekly cleaning schedule that I follow each week in an attempt to stay on top of the chores so that my weekends aren’t filled with cleaning the whole house!! It’s unbelievable how much easier it is to keep your home clean if you just dedicate 15-20 minutes each day!!

How did your Spring Cleaning Challenge go?

Did you figure out any great ways to make the cleaning easier or faster?  Be sure to share your results and tips in the comments!!


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