Here We Go


After much encouragement from my husband and a few friends, I’m going for it! I’m starting a blog to highlight all the highs and lows of crafting, cooking, organizing and all the other little things that help make our house our home, all while still playing my part in Corporate America!!!!

I love my job, I really do! If you get me started talking about debits and credits and the excitement of the financial industry, I can go on for days, but creating beautiful and useful things has always been such a passion of mine! I can remember as a kid always wanting crafty presents for birthdays and Christmas, like beads for bracelets, candle making kits (not sure that was my mothers smartest decision) and anything else I could get my hands on and make! In the fourth or fifth (is it bad I can’t remember anymore?) grade my teacher always crocheted while we worked and at one point in the year she offered to teach us how during our recess time and I jumped on it! I love just about anything DIY (which may come from my strong belief of, ” if you want something done right you better just do it yourself!”-thanks Dad!) and I am always looking for new projects to make life easier and more beautiful!

I invite you along on this little adventure, and I look forward to both sharing my trials and tribulations with you as well as hearing all your ideas as well!!

Let’s do this!!!